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Don't forget that DLD can design your entire home from the foundation to the last piece of furniture. Using us to design your entire custom home or renovation or addition means not building a cookie-cutter house but something that is specifically created to cater to your needs and the needs of all of the inhabitants. Also, resale value can be higher due to design by a designer rather than a builder's semi-custom plan.

DLD is truly a collaboration of disciplines – home architecture, interiors and construction – intended to provide the most appropriate and integrated design solutions. Our design-build team creates timeless architectural solutions for homes of all sizes and styles.

DLD specializes in designing the entire home environment, one expressive of livable luxury and individual personality. It is constructed as skillfully as it is designed. Our home architecture projects create beauty within the context of the home's style and setting.

Home Architecture Values

Do you want a new look for your home but at the same time want to preserve the original architecture? You’ve come to the right place. DLD values a sensitive approach to remodeling that remains respectful of the history and design of a house, its surroundings, as well as its use. Thus, we serve two clients – the homeowner and the home. Both deserve special care.

Throughout the entire home architecture and design-build process, our team makes quality aesthetic sense, precision and adherence to your needs (lifestyle, personal tastes, budget, schedule, etc.) top priorities.

Home Architecture Styles

Are you interested in a mid-century style? Do you like the old world look and favor Tudor style homes? Something completely new and contemporary?Whatever your home architecture needs, DLD can meet them.

We know collaboration, sensitivity and creativity are the keys to successful home remodeling.

Dartmouth House

Dartmouth House

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